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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Family and fun

I first met Lisa a few years ago at a craft fair. She sells Cookie Lee jewelry, and I had a photography display. We struck up a friendship, and this past weekend, I was able to photograph her beautiful family, including her parents who were visiting from Missouri. Because this is Denver, it started raining heavily right when the photoshoot was scheduled to start. But also because this is Denver, the rain stopped a few minutes later, and we were able to proceed with the shoot. I was so happy, and so were they! We had the best time on this shoot. Everyone was relaxed and having fun. Well, at least I was having fun! The colors they chose for their clothing were so vibrant and fun and went great with all the greenery. And, Lisa gave me a beautiful Cookie Lee bracelet at the end of the shoot! What can I say? This job has great perks! But the best perk of all is seeing how happy people are with their portraits. Enjoy!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hope for Benson and Claire

If you get my newsletters or check this blog, you'll remember Benson and Claire. They are the cute little kids who both need a liver and kidney transplant. Through the month of September, I'll still be donating all my session fees to their transplant fund, and I'm still running my special $99 back-to-school deal with a free 8x10 attached. There's no better time to get your family portraits done than now! So help yourself, and help Benson and Claire. Call me to schedule your session today! My number is 303-346-4597. You can save a life. Or two.

Want to see the cuties you'll be helping? I did a photo session with the family before they moved to Minnesota to be near the Mayo Clinic where Claire is currently receiving treatment in anticipation of her transplants. As her condition is more grave than Benson's, she'll get the transplants first. This is Claire:

This is Benson:

Here they are together. Is not this just the sweetest picture?

Here's the whole family. We wish them the best of luck and will be praying for Benson and Claire!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More gorgeous bridals

I just finished editing the bridal portraits I did last week and had to share some more of my favorites. Enjoy!