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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Splendor in the grass

Yesterday I got go have a photoshoot with a wonderful family full of beautiful children. It has rained a lot in Denver lately, which means everything is lush and green. We went to a wonderful trail that goes by a river for the perfect location. Here are my favorites from the session so far:

I love how the wind caught her hair just at the right moment for this shot.

This one may be my new favorite portrait. I love the intensity of his eyes. When I look at this portrait, I think it personifies a boy on the cusp of manhood.

This one I love because of the little girl's expression. I wonder what she is thinking about.

I caught this shot of the parents while they were just interacting while waiting for me to set up. I love the palpable feelings of adoration that are evident between them.

Here is the whole family. This was the easiest shot of the whole session because nobody had to be looking at the camera!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet one-year-old boy

This weekend I got to photograph the winners of my contest. They mainly wanted pictures of their 12-month-old son, but I couldn't resist getting some of the whole family. This little boy was such a doll. He would wave to me and come give me hugs (when he wasn't running around. That boy can move!) I had such a great time on this shoot and hope they did, too!

Beautiful album in earth tones

My friends (who you will recognize from the previous post) requested that I design an album for them. I chose these beautiful neutrals to coordinate with the gorgeous outdoor locale where they had their photoshoot. These albums are a wonderful way to get all your favorite portraits from your shoot, presented in a beautiful way. You can also get smaller 5x5 albums as gifts for parents and grandparents.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Farewell to our friends

Yesterday I got to photograph the stunning family of a friend from my missionary days. He and his family are moving half-way around the world, and I was so glad I got to do these portraits for them before they left. After the session, they came over for dinner and our girls had a great time playing together. We introduced them to the Wii, and now I think they might have to get one :) Check out the gorgeous portrait of all three kids together. It's my new favorite :)