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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Splendor {Aurora child photographer}

It was all she had talked about for days. She ran around, giddy with excitement, awaiting the arrival of her cousins. The secret garden beckoned, and when her cousins emerged from their carriage, the little girl's eyes brightened and her heart quickened. Each lovely girl, dressed in crisp white cotton, had a name that reminded me of a luxury car, sensuous perfume, or rich Belgian chocolate. The oldest was serene, demure, and mysterious.
Her sister, sweet and sensitive, with blue eyes like pools of light.

The little girl, full of curiosity and joie de vivre.
The lush, verdant grass begged for their bare feet.

They sat in silence, perfectly content to just be with each other.
They threw rose petals into the gently whispering wind, which carried them away, like childhood cares in the light of a new day.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Angel {Highlands Ranch photographer}

This two-year-old was such a doll and so fun to photograph. She kept sticking out her little tongue, but it was so cute! Her hairbows are from Banner Boutique. I am so happy with how these turned out!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby and Big Brother {Centennial Baby Photographer}

This little two-month old baby was such a sweetie! Hardly ever cried (except when we tried to put hats on him) and managed not to get his mom all wet! I adore these portraits of his red-headed 2-year-old brother. Something about the images of him just suck me in and make me want to look forever! And would you just die for their mom's hair? So gorgeous! It was so hard to pick just these few images to post!