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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Little Tommy

I met Little Tommy's mom two-and-a-half years ago just after she'd had Tommy's big sister. She was visiting her mom in Denver and was referred to me by her aunt (a good friend of mine) to take pictures of her baby. Several months later, we moved to Los Angeles. My husband left on a business trip one day after we got there, so I was left in a strange, huge city, all alone with my two girls. Then my oldest got very sick and I didn't know what to do. I called my aforementioned friend back in Denver. She asked me if I had called Tommy's mom. It turned out that she lived only five minutes away from where we were staying. She and her husband came over that night, and she picked my girls and me up from the hospital the next morning. (The paramedics are happy to transport you to the hospital, but they don't provide return service). I consider it Divine Providence that in a city of ten-million people, where it takes literally two hours to drive from end to end, Tommy's mom was there for me. Literally the only person I knew was five minutes away. Thank you, Tommy's mom! Now here are some pictures of your beautiful baby.

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Kelly said...

I was happy to be there to help you! It was no problem at all!!! And the pictures look so cute! You really talented!!