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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 2011 Mrs. Colorado Pageant

On March 5th, I got to attend this year's Mrs. Colorado Pageant. I was a sponsor for one of the contestants, Valentina Anderson. She did not win (BOO!) but she had a wonderful time participating. Here are some pictures I got from my seat in the audience. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything about the head in front of me.
Shalon Polson, 2010 Mrs. Colorado introducing this year's contestants.

Valentina Anderson introducing herself.

Valentina getting to show off her evening gown and regal walk.

The top 5 finalists.

The top two waiting to hear the verdict.

And the winner is, Janell Ames!

Here's Valentina with her family.

Valentina and her husband.

What a cute couple!

These last ones are artsy interpretations I did. Valentina is SO beautiful!

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