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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Josh and Jenn

One of these people was a model for Abercrombie and Fitch. Can you tell which one? I didn't think so. This couple is GORGEOUS and they were so fun to work with! Josh was totally laid-back and joking around the whole time. He reminded me of my little brother. Jenn was the more serious of the two, but she was totally game for anything I suggested. After our two hours were up, we all wanted to do more! It was so fun! But Josh was starving, so they had to go look for "cheese on a stick." (Jenn's cute friend and assitant/camera guard extraordinaire was responsible for the "cheese on a stick" comment. Totally cracked me up).


Angel said...

Dang woman. You are good!

Melain said...

NICE WORK! I'm in love with that last picture. Very original. I TOLD you you're the best ever.

Paul said...

Paul said
#7 is the best, in the Josh and Jenn gallery.

Anonymous said...

Those are cute pictures!!!

by the way.....i just read your comment on my blog and YES he is related to the CALLs that go back to Wyoming....:)

That is sooo cool!! He said the majority of all Calls go back to ANSON CALL {the big polygamist in the 1800's--and all of his sons were, too!} They were PLAYAS!!! Thank goodness those days are OVER!!!! {ha ha!}

Anonymous said...

These are WONDERFUL! If you're ever up here again, make sure you come down towards Tacoma. Pacific Lutheran University, Stadium High School and the whole North End is amazing..and if you want to hang out with me for some reason then lets make a date! I live in Gig Harbor area which is gorgeous for different reasons- the Harbor to start with is fun with all its nautical theme and yah- aside from me begging you, lets be friends sometime!