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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Save a life

This is Claire. She has the most beautiful eyes. She also has a rare liver disease that is destroying her kidneys and requires that she be on dialysis for fifteen hours every day.

This is Claire with her brother, Benson. Benson has the same disease, though it is not as advanced. Both of them will need liver and kidney transplants.

Claire and Benson's parents have sold their house and are moving to Minnesota to be near the Mayo Clinic where Claire is on the waiting list for a new liver and kidney. Claire's parents estimate their after-insurance costs to be $100,000. That is a lot of money.

Do you want to help these sweet children? I do. That's why I'm donating all my session fees for the months of August and September to Benson and Claire's Transplant Fund. By clicking on the link, you can also make a donation. Or, you can book a session with me in August or September, get fantastic school pictures of your children, and even save some money! I have reduced my session fee to $99 for these two months only, so make sure you schedule your spot now before they're all gone. Every cent of your fee will be donated to Benson and Claire's Transplant Fund. Do good. Save a life.

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Anonymous said...

May God shed His grace on these beautiful children and their family.