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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Exotic beauty, part 3

I told Kelly I knew the perfect place for her shoot in Downtown Denver. I had done an engagement shoot there the year before and knew it would be fantastic for her shoot as well. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it! I made poor Kelly hike all over the 16th Street Mall looking for it. (She didn't complain a bit, I might add, and didn't even look like she was sweating!) In the end, we found a street that was very similar, and we ducked into this cute vintage dress shop for her to change. While she was changing, her mom noticed this darling area in the front of the store that would be perfect for pictures. The shop also had these fantastic hats that matched perfectly what Kelly was wearing. It was fate! The first two pictures are in the dress shop, and the last one is outside in a brick archway. Kelly, you were so fun to photograph, and probably my easiest subject ever!


SqUiRt said...

I love that first picture in the shop! It's adorable! Kelly, you are so pretty!

Chelsea C said...

I love how classy the pictures are, well done to both of you !