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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blue Prints Photography Gives Back

Today I'm going to highlight another group from Kiva that has been helped by Blue Prints Photography. But before I do, I wanted to share something exciting that I participated in last night. It has been two months since Haiti was devastated by an earthquake. Many of us have moved on with our lives, but the people of Haiti will need long-term help. With this in mind, my Young Women's church group got together last night and made twenty skirts to send to women and children in Haiti. We have fifty more cut out and ready to be sewn! Here is a picture of the skirts we made:

Why skirts? Well, I was inspired by a little girl from our church who decided to make skirts because she figured the people in Haiti probably lost all their clothes in the earthquake, and she wanted to make something lightweight and cool because the weather is so hot there. I think she was inspired. When I look at the varied patterns and bright, happy colors of these skirts, I imagine the people receiving them, and what joy they will have. Besides giving them something to wear, I think it will help them know that they have not been forgotten. We still care, and we still love.

Now to our featured Kiva entrepreneur. The Mrs. Sophos Khon Village Bank Group in Cambodia received funds donated from a Blue Prints Photography session fee. This is a group comprised of seventeen women engaged in various industries. Mrs. Sophos Khon owns a grocery store in her village. Her husband is a motorcycle repairman, and she has six children, two of whom work in a garment factory. She used the loan to buy more inventory for her store so she can expand and provide a better future for her family.

To find out how you can help others like Mrs. Sophos Khon, visit

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