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Friday, July 9, 2010

Dancing Queen {Denver ballet photographer}

Back in May I did portraits for the production of Cinderella put on by the On Pointe Studio of Dance located in Parker, Colorado. The lead in the play was the daughter of a friend of mine and she has given me permission to post her portrait (I can't post any others because I don't have model releases from the parents). This turned out so gorgeous. I wish I could post more, but this will have to do. I love doing the dance studio portraits because the girls all look so beautiful in their costumes. One of my goals as a photographer is to help people (girls especially) feel beautiful. As women and girls, we often are dissatisfied with our appearance. But if I can show someone how gorgeous they really are, it makes me so happy! This is for all you beautiful women and girls! You're all princesses!

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Tammy Spelling said...

That's a great photo! Beautiful ballerina and an extremely high quality photo. Well done. Meanwhile, I thought you could retain rights to photos you take and legally publish them unless you are using the name or image of a subject (such as a famous personality) for financial gains. You might need to put that in a contract, but it would be worth it, at least looking into, to display your work.