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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Which is Your Personality Type?

I recently read a book called It's Just My Nature. In it, the author, Carol Tuttle, describes 4 different personality types and their characteristics. When I was younger, I used to take every personality test available. I've done the Color Test, the Myers Briggs Test, and others I can't remember the names of. It's Just My Nature doesn't have a test to determine your personality. The author purports that it's easy to figure out personality tests and answer how we WANT to be rather than how we really are. For example, if one of the choices on a personality test goes something like this: a. critical, b., accepting, c. inattentive, d. personable--it would be hard to choose. Nobody wants to think that they're a critical person, even if they are. So we would answer with a more positive, albeit inaccurate description of who we are. In Carol's book, she lists characteristics and gives examples of each of the types, and we are to determine which feels most real and truthful to us.

To give you a little taste of what's in the book, I thought I would do a short synopsis of each of the types, starting with Type 1. (Note: I am not an expert on this subject, and this is more my experience and interpretation of the different types than exactly what Carol explains in her book).

Type 1 individuals are called "Bright/Animated" in Carol's book. These are the people who always have a lot to say, have many friends, and are the life of any party. They are naturally optimistic and cheerful. For this reason, I personally love to be around Type 1 people. They make me feel better about myself without even trying. They can also carry a conversation almost entirely by themselves, which is very helpful for a person like me who is more introverted and can't always think of what to say. Type 1 people also love to decorate for the holidays, and they are very creative. They have lots of ideas, but don't always follow through on them before they move on to the next one. They are typically late (just too many ideas to think about to bother looking at the clock!) but they have a zest for life and naturally lift the mood of any room they are in. Type 1's love variety (they may often change their hair) and can often get over disappointments and failure quickly and move on. As a child, they were often told to "settled down" or "stop moving."

I have two children who fit this bill. They bring joy everywhere they go and are so animated and fun. My 3-year-old's favorite thing to say is, "That's o.k." As in right after she breaks something of yours. She gets over it quickly, although you may not! I am not a Type 1. Are you? Leave a comment and let me know if this describes you or someone you know. And if you want to learn more, you can always click on the link above and get the book. In the coming weeks, I'll be talking about the other three types, so stay tuned!

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