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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The winners!

Here are some pictures from the photo shoot I did today with one of the winners of the contest I had for a free photo session and 11x14 portrait. The family was beautiful, but the skies were looking threatening, and it was quite windy. Add to that one tired, sad boy and an inconsolable little girl, and what do you get? Well, you get lucky, after taking a LOT of pictures! It also helped that the dad was so good at getting the kids to laugh. It didn't rain, which was good, and the lighting was gorgeous, so I'm really happy with how the shoot turned out. This was a new location for me, and I think it's going to be my favorite from now on!


Hollyhocks said...

You are so great at posing! They're lovely.

charrette said...

Ah, I hope they chose the last one!
These are gorgeous!

(Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight, btw)

Lynette said...

Great pictures.