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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Newborn sweetness

Don't you just love the smell of new babies? I loved photographing this little guy who was only 10 days old. Newborns are always a challenge because you really have to get them to go to sleep in order to get those super sweet portraits. This baby somehow knew he was performing and had to stay awake to see what was going on. We got a few where he was pretending to sleep, like this first one with the BYU hat. (His parents are big BYU fans, so I had the idea to do this pose with the hat). I love the family togetherness of the last one, too. It really captures the wonder of a new baby.

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The Morris Family said...

WOW, Michelle that last one is just heaven captured! I love it. You have such beautiful children. You should send the first one in to the BYU alumnae publication. Bet they'd publish that one! Congrats on all three of your beauties!

Natalie said...

These turned out darling!! cute Cute CUTE!!

Randi said...

Love them!! You are awsome, Melissa! And I am sure it helps to have such a cute baby to work with!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Great job, Miss Melissa!