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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The nicest compliment

A few weeks ago, I got a call from a woman who thought I was somebody else. (Apparently there are several other Melissa Howells in the Denver area :) To make a long story short, she booked a session with me to get a professional portrait done. We met in downtown Denver and she brought her husband along. It was such a fun photoshoot! I just loved both of their personalities and we hit it off right away. After I sent them their portraits, I got a copy of this e-mail which she sent to her friends. I didn't ask her to do it and was taken completely by surprise. She was effusive in her praise, which made me feel really good. I am happy when my clients are happy. And even happier when they become my friends:

Dear Friends,

I found the most amazing photographer. She is an illusionist and a master of reaching into your soul and pulling out everything you think you are: beautiful, intelligent, worldly - whatever! I have never seen anyone so capable of using natural light to make you look gorgeous. If you EVER need an excellent photographer for your new business photo, LinkedIn picture or family portrait, you MUST call Melissa. I found her, completely by accident and I'm glad I made the mistake.

I'm glad you made the mistake, too :)

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