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Monday, January 23, 2012

Music I Can't Stop Hearing in My Head

I don't know if any of you saw these guys on The Sing Off on NBC, but they are AMAZING. I got our family their latest CD for Christmas and we have listened to it pretty-much non-stop since then. This means I can't sleep at night because a different song from the cd is stuck in my head every night. But oh, what songs!

The CD is called "Back in Blue" and the group is Vocal Point. They are an all-male a capella group from BYU. If you are thinking "amateur," think again. These guys are polished and professional and just a joy to listen to. Just click on the link to listen to samples.

Track 5--Remember When it Rained (Tribute to Josh Groban). Just close your eyes and channel Il Divo. So rich and luscious.

Track 9--Opera #2 (Tribute to Vitas). I had never heard this song before. Be prepared to be amazed. My girls cannot believe it is a man singing.

Track 6--Grace Kelly (Tribute to Mika). What the heck kind of a song is this? It makes absolutely no sense. But it is so much fun and I must admit this one has kept me up at night more than any other on the cd.

Track 13--Telephone Opera (Tribute to Sesame Street's "Telephone Opera.") This one is aboslutely hilarious. It chronicles a young man's efforts to get a date and all the ridiculous excuses the girls give him as they decline. Be prepared to laugh and laugh a lot.

The whole cd is uplifting, and you will be amazed at every turn by the vocal gymnastics being performed. Catch the base line in Track 4 and wonder how a human can do that, and do it in tune!

Vocal Point is not paying me for this endorsement. Vocal Point has no idea who I am. But I have an idea who they are, and I love them! You will, too! Guaranteed.

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