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Friday, November 18, 2011

Being on T.V.

On November 16th, I got to be on T.V! My friends, Brandi and Jen, have a craft blog and business called Holiday Snobs. They got to be on our local Fox station's morning news demonstrating a Christmas craft and talking a little bit about their business. The news station wanted at least 10 other women there crafting with them, and I got to be one! Here are some pictures from the event (that I stole from Brandi):
This is the craft we were doing. It is a Christmas tree centerpiece made out of festive napkins.

This is me, sitting in the corner. If you watch the video, I am standing in the back on the left-hand side.

The man on the couch is Dan Daru, the newscaster who did the segments. He was CRAZY. (I guess you have to be to work on a morning news show that starts at 5:00 a.m!) During one segment, he ran upstairs to surprise Brandi's husband and ask him what he thought about all this crafting. Luckily, Sterling saw him coming up the stairs on t.v. (he was watching the show in his bedroom) and hurried and came out of the bedroom before Dan could burst in!

Here's a picture of the Fox 31 van. You can't see the top, but there was a huge spinning antennae (or dish, or something I don't know the name of) at the top of the pole that was broadcasting what we were doing at the house.

Here is a video of one of the segments:

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