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Monday, November 14, 2011

Which is Your Personality Type--Part 2

In this post, I talked about the book It's Just My Nature by Carol Tuttle. In it, she explains that there are four different personality types, and while we all exhibit characteristics from each type, there will be one that is most dominant in us. Today I am talking about the second personality type, which she labels "soft and subtle." This does not mean weak and shy. If you think about the Mississippi river, it is powerful, but flows in a constant, stately motion. Also, a willow tree flows gently in the wind, but provides shade and comfort to those under its branches. Type 2 people are the same way. They are steady and consistent, and comfort is a major priority for them. My second daughter and my husband are both Type 2s. My daughter gets upset if her socks don't feel just right, and my husband never throws out his old, ratty t-shirts because they are so comfortable! Type 2s also like to hold onto things. For girls and women, this means they hold onto pictures, blankets, special toys--anything that ties them to the past. For men, it means they hang onto big boxes that electronics came in (just in case they need them) and also have tons of cords for said electronic items! (This describes my husband to a T!) Type 2s are also very detailed and methodical. To others, it may seem like they are taking a long time, but to them, they are just being thorough and investigating all the possibilities before making a decision. They are also very skeptical. When my daughter was about 5, she asked me how babies were made. I told her that Mommy had a seed inside her, and Daddy added a special kind of water, and then a baby grew. She looked at me doubtfully and then said, "I don't think that's correct." :) Type 2s are the peacemakers--kind, gentle, and sweet. My husband is definitely the peacemaker in our family full of emotional women! To find out more about Type 2 personalities (and all the other personalities) go to Dressing Your Truth and click on the "Shop" button, and then on the "Books" button. It's Just My Nature is a fantastic book that will help you to understand yourself and others so much better. It would be a wonderful Christmas gift to yourself or someone you love. Are you a Type 2? Do you know somebody who is? Leave a comment and let me know!

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