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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Banner Boutique Makes You Look Chic!

When we lived in California, I became friends with Martha Stewart. I don't mean the real Martha Stewart. I mean someone who was just like her talent-wise (but kinder and cuter other-wise). Lindsay was a true friend--someone who would drop whatever she was doing to help anyone out. She was one of those people you just loved to be around, because somehow she made you feel better about yourself without even trying. She was just good.

When I was pregnant with my third child, she gave me a gorgeous raw-silk pillow with a bunch of adorable headbands on it for my new baby. Since then, her headbands have taken on a life of their own, and she has a burgeoning business. After being on Etsy for quite some time, she has just launched her own website. These are the most gorgeous hair accessories, and the quality is beyond compare. She has all kinds of hair accessories--raw silk flowers, interchangeable fabric flowers, lace--everything. You will be so happy with anything you order from Banner Boutique. And even better, you can know you are doing business with a truly beautiful human being. So click on this link. (Right after you look at the samples of adorableness below). Banner Boutique

Here is my daughter at 4 months wearing one of the headbands she gave me:
Here is my niece, who has become my mascot :)

I just love this portrait and how the flower and beanie add an element of nostalgia.
O.K. Now that you've looked, you can click on the link. Here is it again. Banner Boutique

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