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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's Wrong-2 Discussion

This picture was taken with a one megapixel camera using ambient light. There was not enough light, so my shutter had to stay open too long, and my daughter moved (or I moved) which caused the image to be blurry. Having a one megapixel camera means that the quality is terrible (obviously) but even worse is that the image is underexposed. This causes the whole image to be grainy. Also, the auto white balance feature chose to make my child red in this case. I had no idea about the rule of thirds at this point (remember, I was not a professional photographer--just a mommy taking a picture of her new baby) so the composition is blah. Maybe I was looking at this picture from far away, and viewing it as a pointillistic piece of art, like those created by Serat. Because far away (very, very far away) is the only way this picture would ever look good. And even then, knowing what I know now, it would still not look good. Thank goodness I've improved since then and hopefully made it up to this poor child :)

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