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Monday, September 26, 2011

If You're Getting Married....

I met Jessica online in a roundabout way via Facebook. I found out she lived just around the corner from me, and we became fast friends. Jessica is a photographer. And she is awesome. She specializes in weddings, and you MUST see her work, because it is phenomenal. We have gotten together a few times to share our secrets with each other. One night we practiced some new techniques on each other. Here are some of my favorite shots of her. And really, if I weren't me, I'd want to be her. She is the funnest, most positive, stylish and all-around wonderful person. I love being around her. And if you're getting married (or know someone who is) you will love being around her, too. Check out her work at Flourish Photography.

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djzmcallister said...

LOVE THEM, thank you so much for the shout out :-) you are so awesome too, I have loved working together we need to do it again soon.